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I’ve been taking pictures ever since I can remember. My Father’s a serious hobbyist photographer who’s always encouraged me to create images. He gave me my first lessons (and critiques) on how to properly expose a roll of film, how to rig a laundry room so as to set up my very own darkroom, and how to develop black and white prints.

Flash forward to the year 2000. For years I had longed to live in New York. My instincts were telling me that if I were going to be successful in my career as a photographer New York was the place to be. Finally my opportunity arrived via a job I had working in the music industry and thanks to Bug Music I arrived safe and sound in NYC on April 1st, 2000.

Four years after arriving I enrolled in a BFA program at the School of Visual Arts. Having been schooled at home I enjoyed photography but being unable to answer technical questions I found myself growing frustrated at my lack of ability to articulate my process. SVA changed everything. During my tenure I was mentored by Anohni (formerly Antony Hegarty who is part of the experimental musical group Antony and the Johnsons) and in 2007 I interned for renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

After graduating I became involved with the artist collective Openings where, as part of their governing body, I’ve curated numerous nondenominational / nonreligious art exhibitions in one of the oldest living churches in Manhattan. In addition to curating I’ve spent three years running their website while creating content for and curating all of their social media platforms.

With this experience under my belt, and having seen the work I did for Openings, in 2015 BMG sent me to SXSW as their social media correspondent where I promoted BMG’s brand and clients. My main objective was to build their social media platforms by creating an engaging, interactive and comprehensive online presence with the ultimate goal of supporting their clients and relationships.

One year later I found myself in a similar situation but this time working for the Albert Camus estate. 2016 marked the 70th anniversary of Camus’ one and only trip to NYC and my involvement this time was building and branding the social media sites, documenting all of the events (which ran the course of three weeks and featured iconic artists such as Patti Smith and Viggo Mortensen) and creating an archive of a celebration that would only happen once in our lifetime.

This is what I enjoy doing. Creating interesting images that engage people while documenting events in real time thus allowing for people to feel involved even when they can’t be. That’s the beauty of social media and why it’s my preferred method of means when it comes to my commercial work. Having a degree in photography, expertise in the curation of art exhibitions (which, when you think of it, great social media pages are well curated), years of experience working with high profile clients, and the ability to build and brand an online presence I’m looking forward to the next opportunity that enables me to bring people together via a unique and creative approach to online media.

4 Responses to About

  1. monica says:

    very nicely done

  2. Will says:

    Great work Keena!

  3. I am a big fan of your work K. !!

  4. I enjoy every aspect of your work you are truely an artist.Bringing life to the still.You have made my designs shine with your natural talent through the lens of your soul.xox

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