Music + Revolution: Greenwich Village in the 1960’s

The line-up was impressive. John Sebastian (you know him from his song “Summer in the City” – crazy how accurate the lyrics represent this summer), Jesse Colin Young (he sang that tune “Get Together” – which everyone did at the end of the evening. It was powerful.), Jose Feliciano (“Light My Fire” baby), Tammy Faye Starlite as Nico, Syd Straw, David Amram, Jeffrey Gaines, and many many others. What was the occasion you ask? Well, the evening was part of Central Park’s Summer Stage series which was hosted by Richard Barone. The concept behind the event “Music + Revolution: Greenwich Village in the 1960’s” was based on Richard’s last album Sorrow and Promises which is an homage to those singer-songwriters from the 1960’s.

A few weeks before the show my friend Stephen Petrus, who did a beautiful job handling the black and white images which served as a backdrop to the performers, emailed to announce the impending concert. I replied with enthusiasm that I would be there but after some consideration wondered if this might be a nice photographic opportunity. To make a long story short Stephen came through for me and put me in contact with the right people which resulted in a press / photo pass. As karma would have it the weather behaved that evening and the rain stayed away. The air was soft and only semi humid. The crowd was relaxed and considerate. The performers were electric and eclectic. It was a beautiful night spent in a space that is unlike any other. In a city that’s unlike any other and with songwriters who wrote songs about things that mattered back in a time that was full of uncertainty and determination. Here’s my homage to the talented ones:

Steve Addabbo, Richard Barone, Marshall Crenshaw & Maura Kennedy

Steve Addabbo & Syd Straw

Steve Addabbo & Syd Straw

Pete Kennedy from The Kennedys

Elvis Perkins & Richard Barone

Maura Kennedy (from the Kennedys) & Richard Barone

David Amram & Richard Barone

Happy Traum

Joe McGinty

A wonderful cellist

Steve Addabbo & Richard Barone

David Amram

David Amram & Steve Addabbo

Richard Barone

The Kennedys

Richard Barone

Jenni Muldaur & Richard Barone

The Kennedys

Anthony DeCurtis

Richard Barone

Jeffrey Gaines

Tammy Faye Starlite as Nico

Tammy Faye Starlite as Nico

Jesse Colin Young

Richard Barone

John Sebastian

John Sebastian

Jeffrey Gaines

José Feliciano

Music + Revolution audience

Singing “Get Together”

Summer Stage


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